James P Honey

aka DULL FAME HONEY... cvlt leader of BURIERS... hack reports from no man's land


‘Like a modern-day Leonard Cohen’ Volume Magazine

‘The Lyrical Power of a nose-splitting head butt’ Gold Flake Paint

’A musical Kerouac’ Micah P. Hinson

‘A prodigious artist, a craftsman who makes ‘It's Been A Long Year’ a rare and beautiful record’ Mowno

'If you are worried that you have sold out, or you may sellout at some point
- do it! kill yourself now!' Stewart Lee



I have bookers in UK/EU and USA. good sorts. nice people. but just hit me up directly as i prefer to speak for myself. I'll gladly introduce you to the right character when necessary 

Corporate Cumshot

what more do you want from me? ;)

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